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EV Programs & Incentives

Information on electric vehicle and alternative transportation programs/incentives available in Massachusetts to residents, businesses, institutions, state facilities and communities.

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Electric School Bus Pilot

DOER's Vehicle-to-Grid Electric School Bus Pilot Program has awarded three grants for buying electric school buses and chargers.

Schools that have received grants:

  • Amherst Public Schools
  • Cambridge Public Schools
  • Concord Public Schools-Pilot Video

The program aims to reduce schools’ petroleum use and test the benefits of electric school bus technology. The electric buses are less expensive and more environmentally-friendly than traditional diesel buses. Electricity is cleaner than diesel by at least 70% and at least 40% cheaper. This program will be one of the first uses of electric school buses on the East Coast of the United States.

Mass DOER Electric School Bus Pilot Project Evaluation


VW Diesel Settlements Funded Grant & Incentive Programs

There are five grant programs, funded by the Volkswagen Settlement and administered by the Department of Environmental Protection (MassDEP), that are aimed at reducing emissions of nitrogen oxide (NOx) and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions across Massachusetts, while supporting electrification of the state's transportation network.

MassDEP has published a guide to these programs and grants here.  Programs include:

Volkswagen Settlement Open Solicitation Grants (program closed-check DEP for updates)

MassEVIP Fleets Incentives

MassEVIP Multi-Unit Dwelling Charging Incentives

MassEVIP Public Access Charging Incentives

MassEVIP Workplace Charging Incentives

Leading by Example Sustainable Transportation Initiatives (State Facilities)

The Commonwealth is working to reduce vehicle fuel consumption in the state fleet by replacing inefficient and conventionally-fueled vehicles with highly efficient hybrid, alternative fuel, or electric vehicles.

Visit DOER's Leading by Example Sustainable Transportation Initiatives page for more information.

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