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How to Request Access to the Commonwealth VPN

The Commonwealth's VPN service is available to Commonwealth of Massachusetts Executive Branch and certain non-Executive Branch agencies and their authorized business partners.

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How to request access to the Commonwealth VPN

Commonwealth employees and their business partners are prohibited from submitting requests for VPN access. Requests for VPN access submitted by anyone other than a Designated Security Officer (DSO) will be rejected.

Designated Security Officers (DSOs) are designated for every agency using the Commonwealth VPN service, and only those authorized individuals may request VPN access on behalf of their agency users.  If you do not know who your agency DSO is, please reach out to your agency help desk.

DSOs are able to request VPN access for a user through the ServiceNow portal using one of the below ServiceNow Catalog items:

  • Add/Remove User(s)
  • Create a New VPN Group
  • Remove an Existing VPN Group
  • Modify an Existing VPN Group

How to modify your agency Designated Security Officers (DSOs)

Only currently authorized DSOs are able to modify your agency's list of DSOs through the ServiceNow portal.  Therefore, agencies are strongly encouraged to designate at least two (2) DSOs for their agency.

DSOs may request to add or remove a DSO from their agency's list of authorized individuals through the ServiceNow portal using the "Modify Agency Security Administrator List" Catalog item.

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