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As the regulator of the insurance industry in Massachusetts, the Division of Insurance examines, collects and presents a number of reports and supporting data relating to the insurance industry. This data tells the story of our insurance market and how we examine the financial health of insurance companies to increase consumer protection.

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Insurance Company Assessments for Fiscal Year 2020

Division of Insurance Assessments

Each year, the Massachusetts legislature authorizes the Division of Insurance (DOI) to assess the insurers that it regulates, in order to support its operational activities and those of its departmental units, which include the Health Care Access Bureau, the State Rating Bureau, and the Medical Malpractice Analysis Bureau. The Massachusetts legislature sets the budget and the assessment amount in its General Appropriations Act in each fiscal year.

The DOI assesses all insurers that are issued a license or certificate of authority, unless specifically excluded by the legislature. The DOI also excludes the following types of companies from assessments:

* Fraternal Organizations * Home Service Contract Providers
* Surplus Lines Carriers * Life Settlement Providers
* Risk Retention Groups * Federal Crop Insurers
* Certified Reinsurers * Companies in Rehabilitation
* Reinsurers who are not also licensed under M.G.L. c. 175 as insurance companies in Massachusetts    
* Accredited reinsurers who are not also licensed under M.G.L. c. 175 as insurance companies in Massachusetts    

Unless otherwise noted, the DOI shall utilize the premium data reported in the insurer’s Annual Statement from the previous calendar year. Assessment payments are due within 30 days of receipt of the invoice. Please contact the DOI at with billing or other assessment questions.  At this time, we are not able to offer electronic payment of assessment invoices.

Please detach the payment stub at the top of the assessment invoice, and mail it together with the payment to the address below.  There may be a delay in processing payments if companies do not detach the payment stub from the invoice before mailing the payment.

Division of Insurance - Assessments
P.O. Box 3328
Boston, MA 02241-3328


Please contact assessment billing at with billing questions.


Health Insurance Products and Plans

Here find filing guidelines for Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOS), membership and utilization reports and a list of accredited health insurance carriers in Massachusetts.

Group Products and Plans

Financial Examination Reports

Insurance companies are statutorily required to undergo comprehensive financial examinations every five years. Financial examiners from the Division of Insurance provide on-site accounting and auditing of the financial conditions of companies. Upon completing an exam, a report is issued.




Market Conduct Reports

The Market Conduct Unit performs examinations and market analysis reviews of insurance carriers to ensure the fair treatment of policyholders. These reviews often involve several states and result in fines or consumer restitution.



Statutory Dog Claim Reporting

Chapter 219 of the Acts of 2018, §32 requires licensed/admitted companies that write homeowners, condominium and renters coverage to provide certain dog claim information consisting of three annual reports due in 2020, 2021 and 2022. Each statutory annual report represents certain dog claim data from the previous calendar year 2019, 2020 and 2021 respectively. The first annual report will be due April 1, 2020 for calendar year 2019. The second annual report will be due April 1, 2021 for calendar year 2020. The third and final annual report will be due April 1, 2022 for calendar year 2021.

The instructions and the data collection template can be found here.

Private Passenger Automobile Filings that DOI has placed on file since February 1, 2008

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