Integrate dementia friendly activity into your age-friendly work

Directs you to resources to help you integrate dementia friendly activity into your age-friendly work.

Table of Contents

1. Outdoor Spaces and Buildings

2. Transportation

3. Housing

4. Social Participation

General Guidance

Dementia Friends Massachusetts

DFA - Neighbors & Community Members Sector Guide

DFA's Resource List - Engaging People with Dementia

DFA Video – Dementia Friendly in Your Community 

Alzheimer’s Society UK – Uniting Care Home and Communities

MA Memory Café Toolkit in English and Spanish 

MA Memory Café Directory

DFA Video – Restaurants 


DFA - Libraries Sector Guide

DFA Video – Library  

DFA's Resource List - Libraries

Intergenerational Activity

DFA's Resource List - Youth

Assabet Valley's Dementia Friendly High School

Information for Faith Communities

DFA - Faith Communities Sector Guide

DFA Video – Faith Communities 

Dementia Friendly Massachusetts - Guide for Faith Communities

DFA's Resource List - Faith Communities

Arts & Cultural Activity

Arts Council England - Guidance on Age & Dementia Friendly Arts & Cultural Activities 

DFA's Resource List - Arts & Cultural Activities

Alzheimer's Society UK - Dementia Friendly Arts Guide 

Physical Activity

DFA's Resource List - Physical Activity

Dementia Friendly Sport and Physical Activity Guide 

Business Support

City of Boston - Checklist for Businesses

DFA 's Resource List - Business

DFA - Business Sector Guide 

Alzheimer’s Australia – Dementia Friendly Business Toolkit 

Alzheimer's Society UK - Dementia Friendly Business Guide

DFA's Dementia Friendly@Work training

Alzheimer's Association – Sign Up for Free Business Training in Massachusetts

DFA Video – Bank 

DFA - Banks & Financial Services Sector Guide

Alzheimer's Society UK - Dementia Friendly Finance and Insurance Guide

DFA's Resource List - Banks and Financial Services

DFA Video - Retail 

Alzheimer’s Society UK – Dementia Friendly Retail Guide  

DFA Video – Pharmacy 

DFA Video – Restaurants 

DFA 's Resource List - Business

DFA's Dementia Friendly@Work training

5. Respect and Social Inclusion

6. Civic Participation and Employment

7. Communication and Information

8. Community and Health Services

Community and Health Services (Community Strategies)

DFA's Resource List - Community Based Services & Supports

The Role of Senior Centers in Mitigating Dementia

DFA - Health Care Throughout the Continuum Sector Guide

DFA's Resource List - Residential & Specialty Care

Community and Health Services (Hospital Strategies)

MA Law - Required Operational Plan in Hospitals around Dementia (ch.220 §8, Acts 2018)

Guidance for Hospitals on Developing Operational Plan around Dementia   

Pain Assessment in Hospitalized Older Adults with Dementia  

Community and Health Services (Provider Strategies & Tools)

DFA - Provider Practice Tools

DFA's Resource List - Clinical Tools

DFA - Provider Training Videos

MA Law - Sharing Alzheimer’s diagnosis (ch.220 §5, Acts 2018)

KAER Toolkit for Detecting Cognitive Impairment & Earlier Diagnosis (PDF)

Dementia Diagnostic and Management Tools

Massachusetts - Adult Day Health Provider Resources  

Community and Health Services (Consumer Guides)

Mass Options - Your Link to Community Services in Massachusetts

Community and Health Services (Caregivers)

Alzheimer's Association - Caregiving

DFA's Resource List - Caregivers & Caregiving


Alzheimer's Los Angeles - Caregiver Tip Sheets

Alzheimer's Los Angeles - Caregiver Tip Video Series

Community and Health Services (Legal & Advanced Planning)

DFA - Legal & Advanced Planning Services Sector Guide

DFA's Resource List - Legal Resources and Advanced Planning

Community and Health Services (Public Safety)

DFA Video – First Responders

A Guide to Law Enforcement on Voluntary Registry Programs

Alzheimer's Association - Training for First Responders 

Disaster Planning Toolkit for People Living with Dementia 

MA Law - Required Dementia Training for Protective Services Caseworkers (ch.220 §2, Acts 2018)

DFA - Local Government Sector Guide (For Public Safety,
Disaster Planning and Emergency Response, Page 4)

(AF) = Age-Friendly  (DF) = Dementia Friendly