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Integrate dementia friendly activity into your age-friendly work

Directs you to resources to help you integrate dementia friendly activity into your age-friendly work.

Table of Contents

8. Community and Health Services

Mass Options – Caregiver Support   

Massachusetts Adult Day Services Association – Find a Program Near You    

MassHealth – Adult Day Health Provider Manual   

Massachusetts – Adult Day Health Manual   

National Brain Health Center for African Americans   

DFA - Health Care Throughout the Continuum Sector Guide

DFA's  Resource List - Health Care and Hospitals

DFA Video – First Responders 

MA Law - Required Operational Plan in Hospitals around Dementia (ch.220 §8, Acts 2018)

Guidance for Hospitals on Developing Operational Plan around Dementia     

DFA - Provider Practice Tools

DFA's Resource List - Clinical Tools

Alz You Need – Caregiving Assistance    

DFA - Provider Training Videos

MA Law - Sharing Alzheimer’s diagnosis (ch.220 §5, Acts 2018)

DFA - Residential & Specialty Care Sector Guide

DFA's Resource List - Residential & Specialty Care

DFA - Community Based Services & Support Sector Guide

DFA's Resource List - Community Based Services & Support

DFA - Resource List - Legal Resources & Advanced Planning

DFA- Hospitals Sector Guide

MA Alzheimer’s and Related Dementias Acute Care Advisory Committee

DFA's Resource List - Physical Activity

Dementia Friendly Sport and Physical Activity Guide 

DFA - Legal & Advanced Planning Services Sector Guide

DFA's Resource List - Legal Resources and Advanced Planning

Alzheimer's Association - Caregiving

DFA's Resource List - Caregivers & Caregiving

DFA Video – Clinical Research  

Alzheimer’s Society UK – Dementia Friendly Finance and Insurance Guide