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Directs you to guidance on integrating age- and dementia friendly work in your community.

Table of Contents

4. Social Inclusion and Participation

General Guidance

(AF)* AARP - Social Participation - Best Practices & Examples 

(AF) AARP - Respect and Social Inclusion - Best Practices & Examples

(AF) AARP - Communication & Information - Best Practices & Examples

(AF) Frameworks Communication Toolkit 

(DF)* Dementia Friends Massachusetts

(DF) DFA - Neighbors & Community Members Sector Guide

(DF) DFA's Resource List - Engaging People with Dementia

(DF) DFA Video – Dementia Friendly in Your Community 

(DF) Alzheimer’s Society UK – Uniting Care Home and Communities

(DF) MA Memory Café Toolkit in English and Spanish 

(DF) MA Memory Café Directory

(DF) DFA Video – Restaurants 


(AF) 10 Ways to Make Your Library Age-Friendly

(DF) DFA - Libraries Sector Guide

(DF) DFA Video – Library  

(DF) DFA's Resource List - Libraries

Intergenerational Activity

(AF) Age-Friendly Universities 

(AF) Lasell College-Age-Friendly University Initiative

(DF) Purple Orchards - Dementia Friendly High School Students

(DF) DFA's Resource List - Youth

(DF) Assabet Valley's Dementia Friendly High School

Information for Faith Communities

(DF) DFA - Faith Communities Sector Guide

(DF) DFA Video – Faith Communities 

(DF) Dementia Friendly Massachusetts - Guide for Faith Communities

(DF) DFA's Resource List - Faith Communities

 Arts & Cultural Activity

(AF&DF) Arts Council England - Guidance on Age & Dementia Friendly Arts & Cultural Activities 

(DF) DFA's Resource List - Arts & Cultural Activities

(DF) Alzheimer's Society UK - Dementia Friendly Arts Guide 

(DF) Giving Voice Initiative - How to Create a Chorus for People Living with Dementia

Wellness & Physical Activity 

(AF) National Council on Aging - Exercise Programs That Promote Senior Fitness

(DF) DFA's Resource List - Physical Activity

(DF) Dementia Friendly Sport and Physical Activity Guide 

(DF) Dementia Friendly Recreation Services

(AF & DF) Six Dimensions of Wellness

(AF)* = Age-Friendly  (DF)* = Dementia Friendly 

8. Services (Business, Health and Community)

Business (Customer Service & Experience)

(AF & DF) City of Boston - Checklist for Businesses

(AF)* New York City - Age-Friendly Business Guide & Checklist

(AF) Salem, MA - Age-Friendly Business Guidance & Checklist

(AF) Evanston, IL - Age-Friendly Business Guidance & Checklist

(AF) AARP - Age-Friendly Business Day, Portland, Oregon 

(DF) Business Interest Checklist, Worcester, MA

(DF) DFA 's Resource List - Business

(DF) DFA - Business Sector Guide 

(DF) Alzheimer’s Australia – Dementia Friendly Business Toolkit 

(DF) Alzheimer's Society UK - Dementia Friendly Business Guide

(DF) DFA's Dementia Friendly@Work training

(DF) Alzheimer's Association – Sign Up for Free Business Training in Massachusetts

(DF) DFA Video – Bank 

(DF) DFA - Banks & Financial Services Sector Guide

(AF) AARP-BankSafe Safeguards Against Exploitation

(AF & DF) Elder Financial Abuse - Training Video for Bank Tellers

(AF) National Community Reinvestment Coalition - Age-Friendly Banking Toolkit

(DF) DFA's Resource List - Banking and Financial Services

(DF) Alzheimer's Society UK - Dementia Friendly Finance and Insurance Guide

(DF) DFA Video - Retail 

(DF) Alzheimer’s Society UK – Dementia Friendly Retail Guide  

(DF) DFA Video – Pharmacy 

(DF) DFA Video – Restaurant 

(DF) DFA 's Resource List - Business

(DF) Purple Table Reservations

(DF) DFA's Dementia Friendly@Work training

Health and Community Services (Community Strategies)

(AF) AARP - Roadmap to Livability: Health Services and Community Supports Workbook 

(AF) AARP - Community and Health Services - Best Practices and Examples 

(DF) DFA's Resource List - Community Based Services & Supports

(DF) The Role of Senior Centers in Mitigating Dementia

(DF) DFA - Health Care Throughout the Continuum Sector Guide

(DF) DFA's Resource List - Residential & Specialty Care

Health and Community Services (Hospital Strategies)

(AF) Institute for Healthcare Improvement – Age-Friendly Hospitals

(DF) MA Law - Required Operational Plan in Hospitals around Dementia (ch.220 §8, Acts 2018)

(DF) Guidance for Hospitals on Developing Operational Plan around Dementia     

Health and Community Services (Provider Strategies & Tools)

(AF) American Hospital Association – Age-Friendly Health Systems 

(AF) Institute for Healthcare Improvement – Age-Friendly Health Systems 

(DF) DFA - Provider Practice Tools

(DF) DFA's Resource List - Clinical Tools

(DF) DFA - Provider Training Videos

(DF) MA Law - Sharing Alzheimer’s diagnosis (ch.220 §5, Acts 2018)

(DF) Diagnostic and Management Tools

(DF) Challenging Conversations with Patients About Dementia 

(AF & DF) Massachusetts - Adult Day Health Provider Resources  

Health and Community Services (Legal & Advanced Planning)

 (DF) DFA's Resource List - Legal Resources and Advanced Planning

(AF & DF) Honoring Choices Massachusetts   

Health and Community Services (Consumer Guides)

(AF & DF) Mass Options - Your Link to Community Services in Massachusetts

(AF & DF) Massachusetts Adult Day Services Association – Find a Program Near You    

(AF) AARP – Planning for Long-Term Care   

(AF) AARP – Understanding Long-Term Health Insurance 

(AF) AARP's Top Answers to Senior Housing and Care Questions   

(AF) Massachusetts – Nursing Home Search  

(AF) Massachusetts -- Checklists for deciding on a Nursing Facility  

(AF) Massachusetts – Assisted Living Options and Information 

(AF) Harvard Law School – Planning for Long-Term Care in Massachusetts

(AF) Your Options for Financing Long-Term Care: A Massachusetts Guide 

Health and Community Services (Caregivers)

(DF) Alzheimer's Association - Caregiving

(DF) DFA's Resource List - Caregivers & Caregiving

(AF) AARP - Prepare to Care: A Resource Guide for Families 

(AF) AARP - Resources for Family Caregivers

(DF & AF) Mass Options – Caregiver Support  

(AF) = Age-Friendly  (DF) = Dementia Friendly