Massachusetts Fire Service Certification System

Information on the voluntary certification system for Massachusetts firefighters.

The Massachusetts Fire Training Council (MFTC) is the sole certifying agency for the certification and training of all levels of fire service personnel within the Commonwealth. The Governor appoints the council. The council discusses and develops policies which drive certification. The Massachusetts Firefighting Academy (MFA) is the operational arm of the council. It develops exams to various professional qualification standards. It also administers the exams and documents all activities of certification candidates.

The Massachusetts Public Safety Fire Investigator Certification Coalition (MPSFICC) has three members from:

  • the Massachusetts Fire Training Council,
  • the Massachusetts State Police, and
  • the Massachusetts Criminal Justice Training Council.

The coalition is under the authority of the Secretary of Public Safety and Security. It develops policies that direct fire investigator credentialing. The MFA is the operational arm of the coalition. The coalition is developing a fire investigator credential for public safety personnel.   

About Firefighter Certification

Firefighter certification stimulates professional development in the Massachusetts fire service. Firefighters use professional knowledge, skills, and abilities to meet qualifications for certification.

Certification is voluntary. Some fire departments may require some levels of certification.

Under Massachusetts General law Chapter 670, Section 165A, the MFTC administers Massachusetts fire service certification. The  MFTC includes representatives of major Massachusetts fire service organizations and citizens.

Find Out More about Firefighter Certification

Log onto the DFS Learning Management System to:

  • Learn more about the certification process.
  • Sign up for an exam.

Additional Resources

Requesting a Certification Exam

Fire departments or training districts can request a certification exam. Use this Course Request Form.

Submit requests at least 60 days before the exam date. We approve requests based on the availability of facilities, funding and personnel.  

MFA reviews and approves requests on a first come, first serve basis. We reserve the right to:

  • change,
  • add candidates,
  • and combine approved dates, locations, and times

based on the number of applicants.

Open Certification Exams

We have exam notification lists for all levels. Students on the list are emailed each time we schedule an exam.

Classroom capacities are reduced due to the pandemic. We use the notification lists to schedule exams at one of our three campuses, based on student needs. We run two open written exams each month. Log into your LMS account to apply.

View transcript of ProBoard Firefighter Certification.

Chief Fire Officer and Fire Prevention Officer Credentialing

Learn how to apply for a Fire Chief credential here. Learn how to apply for a Fire Prevention Officer credential here.

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