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MassHealth Doula Services Program: Information for MassHealth Members

MassHealth covers doula services, subject to MassHealth coverage limitations, for MassHealth members while they are pregnant, during delivery, and up to 12 months after delivery.

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What is a doula?

Doulas provide non-medical support to members and families during pregnancy, delivery, and after delivery. Doulas are not medical providers. You should still see your OB/GYN, certified nurse midwife, or other health care provider for medical care during your pregnancy, delivery, and afterwards.

Your doula will work with you and your health care team. Your doula can support you and your family based on your unique needs, regardless of how your pregnancy ends. You can choose a MassHealth doula provider who is the right fit for you.

How your doula can help you:

  • Answer your questions about pregnancy and birth and help to make sure you have the information you need to make the best decisions for you and your family
  • Connect you with resources in your community based on your needs
  • Meet with you during your pregnancy to help you and your family prepare for birth, including talking about what to expect at the hospital and non-medical comfort measures for labor and delivery such as massage, breathing techniques, basic exercises, or body positions
  • Work with you, your family, and your care team during labor and delivery to help make sure you feel supported
  • Meet with you after delivery to talk about your birth experience, how you’re feeling, and give you basic information about breastfeeding or infant feeding and how to take care of your baby

Doula services covered by MassHealth

MassHealth covers the following doula services for MassHealth members provided by MassHealth doula providers:

  • Support during labor and delivery or birth.
  • Up to 8 total hours of visits during pregnancy and during the 12 months after the end of pregnancy. You can work with your doula to decide when to have your visits.
  • If you need more than 8 total hours of visits during this time, speak to your doula. They can tell you about MassHealth's prior authorization process, which determines if you can get coverage for more visits.

Note: MassHealth members should never pay out-of-pocket for MassHealth covered doula services.

Find a MassHealth Doula Provider

Only doula services that are provided by MassHealth doula providers are covered by MassHealth.

To find a MassHealth doula provider, search the MassHealth Provider Directory. To find a list of MassHealth doula providers near you, click “specialists” and then select “doula” from the specialty drop-down menu. You can also search by provider name if you are looking for a specific doula.

You can also find more information about MassHealth doula providers here: MassHealth Doula Provider Information Sheet PDF | DOCX


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Date published: April 16, 2024

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