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MassWorkforce joint partner information

MassWorkforce joint partner information

Joint partner information

Issuance: 02.2022        Issued: 03/28/2022
Adult Education Open and Competitive Request for Proposals (RFP) and Request for Responses (RFR) Announcement

Issuance: 01.2022        Issued: 02/07/2022
WIOA State Plan Modification Review & Comment Period and Virtual Public Sessions

Issuance: 01.2021        Issued: 12/03/2021
MassSTEP November Quarterly Newsletter
01-2021A: MassSTEP Quarterly Newsletter

WIOA Combined State Plan 2020-2024 for Public Review and Comment

Issuance: 03.2020        Issued: 02/26/2020

Adult Education Directors’ Meeting – Save the Date

Issuance: 02.2020        Issued: 02/05/2020

WIOA State Plan Public Meetings

Issuance: 01.2020        Issued: 01/24/2020

Mass Rehabilitation Commission (MRC) and MassHire Department of Career Services (MDCS) Workforce Training Partnership - Webinar

Issuance: 07.2019        Issued: 12/04/2019

Regional Meetings - Joint Partners Regarding the Work Participant Program (WPP)

Issuance: 06.2019        Issued: 10/18/2019

MDCS and DTA Work Participant Program Dashboard Reports for Managing Data

Issuance: 05.2019        Issued: 09/24/2019

New MDCS and DTA WPP Reports for Managing Data

Issuance: 04.2019        Issued: 06/06/2019

Shared Customer Release Form

Issuance: 03.2019        Issued: 03/13/2019
03-2019: Release Form

April Meeting of Joint Partners Regarding the Work Participant Program

Issuance: 02.2019        Issued: 03/08/2019

Training Funds Available for Massachusetts Rehabilitation Consumers - Webinar

Issuance: 01.2019        Issued: 03/05/2019

Massachusetts Skills Capital Grant Program – Funding Opportunity

Issuance: 02.2018        Issued: 09/06/2018
02.2018A: MA Skills Capital Grant Program Guidelines

WIOA Co-Enrollment Cohort: Lessons Learned – Webinar

Issuance: 01.2018        Issued: 07/10/2018

Industry Recognized Credentials (IRCs) Resources

Issuance: 03.2017        Issued: 08/24/2017

Department of Transitional Assistance (DTA) and Department of Career Services (DCS) Cross Training Sessions  

Issuance: 02.2017        Issued: 06/26/2017

Introduction to MOU Planning Webinar  

Issuance: 01.1.2017        Issued: 03/07/2017

WIOA Partners’ Survey on Technical Assistance Needs  

Issuance: 01-2016        Issued: 08/12/2016

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