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MyServices frequently asked questions

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Who can use MyServices?

Anyone who has an MAhealthconnector or DTAConnect account can use MyServices to review current MassHealth or some Health Connector information. The information could include MassHealth and Health Connector documents and eligibility information, as well as MassHealth enrollment status and notices. This person could be

  • an account holder: a person who has created an online account and may have applied for benefits for themselves or another person
  • a head of household: the person signing the application for benefits. Usually the account holder and the head of the household are the same person.
  • a household member: a person who is on the application but is not an account holder or the head of the household.

I am over 65. Can I use MyServices?

Yes. You can sign up for MyServices by clicking “Create an Account” on the login screen. Once you enter your information, you will be redirected to the MyServices dashboard.

I am a Certified Assister, Navigator, or authorized representative, or I am named on someone else’s Permission to Share Information form. Can I use MyServices? 

Certified Assisters, Navigators, authorized representatives, and people named on Permission to Share Information forms can’t currently access MyServices without the member or applicant present.

I have an MA Login account. Why do I need to access MyServices?

MyServices is designed for applicants and members to easily review all their MassHealth information, and some Health Connector information, in one place rather than having to log in to two sites.

When you log in to MyServices with your MA Login account information, MyServices will connect to your MAhealthconnector account. You’ll be able to report changes and update your MAhealthconnector account without having to log in again.

I don’t have an MA Login or login.mass.gov login. Will I be able to review my information from these accounts after I sign up for benefits?

You can create a new profile whether or not you already have an MAhealthconnector or DTAConnect account. If you sign up for services from MassHealth or DTA later, you can link those accounts to MyServices by entering your complete social security number or MassHealth ID in MyServices.

What can I review in MyServices?

If you’re the head of the household, you can review eligibility information and MassHealth enrollment information for all the members of your household. The “My Documents” tab shows information on documents you have submitted, and the “My Notices” tab shows notices that have been sent to you.

If you are not the head of the household, you can review your own information provided on your application. You can’t review the information of anyone else in the household.

Can I update my information when I am in MyServices?

You won’t be able to make changes directly in MyServices. To learn how to report changes, visit our webpage “Report changes to MassHealth” at Report changes to MassHealth

If you have an MAhealthconnector account, you can go to the “My Info” or “My Benefits” tab in MyServices and choose To update your application information, click here.” You will be redirected to your MAhealthconnector dashboard, where you can update your application information.

How do I add or remove a person in my MyServices account?

MyServices uses the information you provided on your application. If you need to add or remove someone in your account, you can let us know. To learn how, visit our webpage Report changes to MassHealth.

What’s the best way to get to the site?

The following browsers are supported by MyServices.

  • Supported browsers: Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari 

You can also download the MyServices mobile app for Android or iOS:

  • Operating systems: Android: minimum version 6.0, iOS: minimum version 11.0

If you are having technical problems with MyServices in your web browser, try clearing your browser’s memory, also known as the cache. To learn how to clear your cache, go to https://www.mass.gov/guides/clear-your-browser-cache.

What languages is the MyServices portal available in?

MyServices is available in the following six languages: English, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Traditional Chinese, Vietnamese, and Haitian Creole.

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Self-service available 24 hrs/day in English and Spanish. Other services available Monday-Friday 8 a.m.–5 p.m. Interpreter services are available.

Date published: September 27, 2023

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