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Policies for RMV system access

For a non-Registry of Motor Vehicles user, access is granted through the agency for which you work.

Rules and responsibilities

The RMV system holds you accountable for any record changes and transaction accuracy. The security administrator will review daily records.

As a user, you may only use information in connection with your RMV duties. You may not disclose information to a third party without written consent of the RMV.

It is a criminal violation to pass information along to a non-approved person. You cannot make requests for personal reasons or lend the system ID to someone else.

You cannot sell, barter, or charge a fee for RMV system access.

You cannot use the RMV system information for the marketing or commercial sale of computer programs or hardware.

You must destroy screen prints with personal information. You cannot bring screen prints outside of the workplace.

Violation of these policies will result in disciplinary action.

Use of technology guidelines

Your may not share your system ID password with others. You cannot perform any transaction or access the system under anyone else's system ID.

You must log off or lock the terminal if you will not be using it for any length of time.

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