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RMV System Access

The Registry of Motor Vehicles (RMV) allows Business Partners to access certain RMV data and records. The RMV has many programs for different businesses within the Commonwealth. These programs are not for residents looking to access their driving/vehicle information.

Direct RMV System Access

There are many levels of access based on business needs and the program in which you would like to participate. If the program you need access to is not listed below, you can email the RMV to determine if your business qualifies for access: rmvbusinesspartners@dot.state.ma.us.

The RMV methods of access are provided below and will vary depending on the program in which you are participating: 

Business Portal: This real-time service option allows individual users to log into a web-based portal displaying native RMV screens. 

eServices Portal: This service facilitates individual users logging into a portal designed specifically for your business needs. Your designated eServices Administrator will maintain access for your End Users. No configuration or set up is needed for this method of access. The eServices Portal is a secure website each End User logs into. Your business must designate an eServices Administrator who will maintain access for your End Users and grant third (3rd) party access for any users outside your organization.

Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) Batch Files: This option is used to send and receive what are commonly known as Batch files, using the RMV’s SFTP file transfer solution called MOVEit

Web Services: This option is a real time data exchange between the user's system and the RMV. The Web Services allow users to integrate the sending and receiving of RMV data into their system and business processes. 

RMV Programs

If a program allows for viewing records and data for other individuals or businesses, you must be a Driver's Privacy Protection Act (DPPA) permitted user. Click the link below for the applicable program you want to review.  

Bulk Data Services  
The Bulk Data Program allows DPPA permitted users to purchase RMV data. The four types of files available are a Driver’s License, Vehicle Registration, Crash, and Title and Lien file.  

The Constable Program allows municipality-appointed Constables to access to view customer and vehicle data to serve civil process only. 

The Crash Program allows DPPA permitted users to access copies of Police Crash Reports through the online Crash Data Portal/System.  

Driver Education  
The Driver Education Program allows approved driving schools to submit their student information online. Visit the Driver's Education page for more details. To qualify, your business must be licensed as one of the following types of Driver Education programs:

  • Professional/Public School Driving Schools: The RMV’s Professional Driving School Program ensures consistency among driver education programs by standardizing the knowledge, skills and ability expected of new drivers and the business operating requirements of driving schools.  M.G.L Chapter 90, Section 32G requires businesses that offer instruction for hire in the operation of motor vehicles be licensed by the Registrar as a licensed Professional Driving School.  The professional driver education community includes Professional Driving Schools, Public School Driver Education Programs, Commercial Driver’s License Driving Schools and Driver Skills Development Programs, and all driving instructors.
  • Driver Skills Development Program provider (DSDP): A Driver Skills Development Program offers advanced driver training in accident-avoidance techniques to individuals who possess a valid Driver's License, or a valid learner's permit and have completed a minimum of 10 hours supervised behind-the-wheel training. These programs are conducted in a controlled environment on an off-road training course at actual roadway speeds. Participants will receive additional discounts on insurance.
  • Driver Attitudinal Retraining Course provider (DARC): DARC providers to be able to have their employees, contractors and/or agents electronically submit successful course completions for drivers required to be retrained prior to a license reinstatement. This class is required for certain Junior Operator License/permit suspensions to encourage attitudinal changes in young drivers. Driver Retraining aims to change the operator’s behavior behind the wheel, as required by MGL, Chapter 90, Section 8 and Section 8Bhow to prevent future driving-related problems and how they can take responsibility for their actions.
  • State Courts Against Road Rage class provider (SCARR): The State Courts Against Road Rage (SCARR) course was developed to educate younger drivers charged with serious motor vehicle violations.
  • Motorcycle Riders Education Program (MREP): MREP provides quality rider education and training to both novice and experienced motorcycle riders. The program is designed to assist riders of all levels and to promote the safe operation of motorcycles.  

To request access, you must submit a letter to the Driver Education Program Manager: 
Driver Education Program Manager 
Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles (RMV) 
25 Newport Avenue Ext 
Quincy, MA 02171

Driver Verification System (DVS) 
The Driver Verification System (DVS) Program provides the ability to electronically obtain basic driver license information including the license type(s) and status(es) and/or requests a Standard Driving Record.  

Electronic Liens and Title (ELT)     
The Electronic Liens and Title (ELT) Program is a paperless Title program by which a lienholder uses an approved Service Provider to electronically exchange vehicle and title information with the RMV.  

Electronic Vehicle Registration (EVR)  
The Electronic Vehicle Registration (EVR) Program allows registration and title transactions for RMV Approved Permit Holder Locations via an RMV approved Service Provider.  

Excise Tax 
The Excise Tax Program sends municipalities/processing vendors Excise Tax Commitments for the purpose of excise billing. Participants can also use the Business Portal for inquiries and recommitments.  

General Business 
The General Business Program allows DPPA permitted users to view customer and/or vehicle data. Some business partners may also update the RMV data and records. The General Business program is intended for federal, state, and local agencies. There is a small volume of private business that can be authorized to access this program.

Inspection Stations  
The Inspection Station Program allows inspection stations owners/managers the ability to view current inspection station license details, renew inspection station licenses, additional bay, bay change, license class change, location change, name change,  , order motorcycle inspection stickers, and request a rebate or credit for unused motorcycle stickers.  To establish an account for inspection stations, click here for access to the eServices Portal to renew to manage the station.  

Insurance Company-Insurance Policy Management (IPM) Program     
The IPM Program is a program that Massachusetts insurance carriers use to report both commercial and passenger motor vehicle insurance policy information to the RMV.

Insurance Agencies     
Insurance agencies that are licensed by the Division of Insurance in Massachusetts may get access to view driver and vehicle information pertaining to the insurance. Review the IPM Program page regarding how to obtain access.  

The Non-Renewal Program allows municipalities/processing vendors to inquire and mark a vehicle's registration record for unpaid parking tickets, unpaid excise tax, toll violations, or abandoned vehicles.  

School Bus     
The School Bus Program is designed so school bus companies can view, renew or replace registration for their school bus vehicles within this portal.

Section 5  
The Section 5 Program gives owners/managers of a Section 5 plates the ability to apply for a new Section 5 account and upload documentation (New Business only), process registration renewals, duplicate registrations, replace a lost or damaged plate, and order compliance decals.  

The Towing Program allows businesses that tow vehicles the ability to get owner information to fulfil the legal obligation to notify vehicles owners of towed or impounded vehicles.

Charitable Plates – Program Page Coming Soon 
If your business is looking to create a Charitable Plate, review the Special Plates Brochure.  Once approved, the Charitable Plate Program gathers all the potential plate owners of a specific plate until the plate requirement is fulfilled.  Once the requirement is fulfilled, this program will give a monthly report on plates issued for the month.  

Driver Vehicle Data (DVD) - Program Page Coming Soon 
The Driver Vehicle Data (DVD) Program provides the ability to electronically obtain basic driver license information including the license type(s) and status(es) and/or a Standard Driving Record for a fee per transaction.  

Ignition Interlock Device (IID) - Program Page Coming Soon 
The Ignition Interlock Device (IID) Program allows approved Service Providers the ability to view IID billing invoices.  This is not for a customer inquiring about the IID Program.  

Insurance Company-Safe Driver Insurance Plan (SDIP) – Program Page Coming Soon 
SDIP is a program that insurance carriers use to report insurance claims for Private Passenger vehicles to the Merit Rating Board (MRB), to report Out-of-State driving records, and for submitting policy inquiries. This can be done directly or through a third-party vendor.  

International Registration Plan (IRP) Program – Program Page Coming Soon 
The IRP Program provides IRP owners/managers and portal users the ability to process fleet renewals, remove vehicles, amend vehicle registration information (unless title implications), submit/upload documents, submit payments, review validations, and pay reinstatement fees for the IRP vehicles, and more. To request access to this program, click here. Click on How to Renew, Online, and follow the New eService Portal Users instructions. Review additional instructions in the IRP Carrier eServices Portal Help Documentation Guide.  

International Registration Plan (IRP) Trip Permit Transceivers - Program Page Coming Soon 
The IRP Trip Permit Transceivers Portal gives the ability to issue an IRP Trip Permit for travel that is required in a jurisdiction for which the carrier does not have permanent permit.

School Pupil (7D) - Program Page Coming Soon 
The 7D Program allows businesses with school pupil-registered vehicles access to the eServices Portal to view all registrations and replace/renew a registration. This program is for vehicles, not for renewing 7D licenses.  

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