Probate and Family Court forms for domestic relations and family

A collection of court forms related to domestic relations and family.

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Domestic relations and family forms

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Form Description Related Information

Annulment, Complaint for 

Revised: Oct 2007
Form Number: CJD 100

Use to ask Court to declare the marriage between the parties null and void.


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Birth Record, Petition to Correct 

Revised: 2007
Form Number: CJD 118

Use to ask Court to correct a Birth Certificate, when the City/Town Clerk refuses to do so.


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Entertainment Contract for a Minor and Appointment of a Limited Guardian, Petition for Approval of 

Revised: Apr 2008
Form Number: CJP 123

Use to ask the court to approve entertainment contract for a minor and appointment of a limited guardian to oversee the child's earnings.


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Grandparent(s) Visitation, Petition for 

Revised: Apr 2009
Form Number: CJD 105

Use when a grandparent seeks visitation rights with grandchildren.


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Marriage without Delay and/or Marriage of Minors 

Revised: Jul 2007
Form Number: CJD 430

Use to request waiver of the required 3 day waiting period and/or approval for minor to marry.


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Petition for Voluntary Care and Responsibility of a Child 

Revised: Apr 2009
Form Number: CJP 97

Used by Department of Children and Families to request continued placement of a child in foster care in accordance with a Voluntary Placement Agreement.

Instructions: See G.L. c 119, Section 23 -Subsection (a) (1)

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Last updated: October 23, 2019