Resources for Preparing Vital Records

Information about establishing a record or requesting reports or data

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Birth certificates

Massachusetts birthing hospitals use the Vitals Information Partnership (VIP) system to prepare the Standard Certificate of Live Birth.

If you need help with preparing a birth record at the hospital or have a legal, parent or hospital issue on a birth record, please call (617) 740-2600 or email

Registering home births

Parents should work with their community’s City/Town Clerk to complete a birth certificate for a child born at home.

All home births recorded in MA cities and towns must use the Parent and Midwife Worksheets in the  Registration of Home Births packet (PDF) (DOCX) (October, 2021).

The Parent and Midwife Worksheets in the Registration of Home Birth packet (October, 2021) includes statistical fields to meet state and federal reporting and surveillance purposes.

For questions about home birth registration and requirements or statistical fields in the Registration of Home Births packet, please call (617) 740-2600 or email



Report of fetal death

The Report of Fetal Death (Form R304-102014) meets Massachusetts reporting requirements listed in MGL, Chapter 111, Section 202.

Form R304-10-2014 Fillable Form is the most current form available. Please see below for more information.

Death and marriage certificates

DPH Guidance on Completing a Death Certificate

For legal issues on death or marriage records, please call (617) 740-2600 or email

Data requests

For requests for data or reports, please call (617) 740-2600 or email

Information on ordering vital records

For information on ordering birth, marriage, or death records, email