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SNAP Path to Work provider portal: the Partner Activity Tracking Hub (PATH)

Learn about PATH, the Department of Transitional Assistance's SNAP Path to Work eligibility system. All in one place, contracted providers can manage client participation in approved activities, update budgets and submit claims for reimbursement.

Say good bye to paper! The manual SNAP Path to Work referral and tracking process has been replaced with PATH. Use this secure online system to update client and provider records in real time.

Only contracted providers will have access to PATH. To view client data, providers will need a signed Permission to Share Information (PSI) form for each participant.

SNAP Path to Work providers will use PATH to complete a number of tasks. You can:

  • confirm eligibility for SNAP;
  • enroll SNAP Path to Work participants;
  • enter monthly participation status and hours;
  • update a participant’s SNAP Path to Work activity plan;
  • enter and store case notes;
  • enter and store participant outcome information;
  • submit and make updates to program budgets;
  • view and modify information for clients who have a signed Permission to Share Information (PSI) form;
  • submit claims for reimbursement and more!

The website

Across all devices, the website can be accessed at https://dtapath.eohhs.mass.gov.

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Additional Resources

Support and feedback

Contracted providers can report issues or make inquiries regarding the Partner Activity Tracking Hub (PATH), contact the Systems Help Desk at DTAApphelpdesk@mass.gov

Please include your name, contact information, agency and a description of the issue.

Other ways to connect with the Department of Transitional Assistance

For general or client specific questions about SNAP eligibility or other DTA benefits, please call the DTA Assistance Line at (877) 382-2363.

You can also connect with us online on Twitter and YouTube and keep coming back to mass.gov/DTA.

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