SNAP outreach for partners

The Department of Transitional Assistance’s SNAP outreach unit can partner with you to help clients navigate the SNAP application process.

Does your organization serve clients that are eligible for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)? Are you interested in partnering with the Department of Transitional Assistance (DTA) to help your clients?  If so, DTA has a SNAP outreach unit that can partner with you to help clients.

What is SNAP outreach?

SNAP outreach is a joint effort between DTA and local agencies and community organizations to educate and support SNAP recipients and applicants. See our current list of SNAP outreach partners.

Our outreach partners help clients

  • Complete SNAP applications
  • Gather information or documents for client verifications
  • Understand the application process
  • Remain eligible for SNAP by helping with the recertification process

Outreach partners help increase the quality of applications we get. This helps reduce time spent to process these applications. This effort helps both clients and our staff, and improves program satisfaction.

What resources are there for outreach partners?

To do these tasks, DTA gives outreach partners access to

  • Access to the DTA Connect Provider Portal and support networks:
  • SNAP community liaisons: DTA staff who work with outreach partners to support their work with SNAP clients in the community.
  • SNAP 101 trainings: SNAP 101 trainings explain SNAP, which helps our partners better serve clients.

Why become a SNAP outreach partner?

When an eligible organization becomes a contracted SNAP outreach partner, they are eligible for 50% federal reimbursement for allowable outreach costs.

To learn more about becoming a SNAP outreach partner, you can attend informational sessions hosted regularly by DTA.

How does an organization become a SNAP outreach partner?

You can apply to become a SNAP outreach partner by contacting Jayna Mistry, whose contact information is on this page.

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