Southwest Corridor Park Safety and Accessibility Enhancements

Ruggles to Forest Hills

We are excited to kick off the Southwest Corridor Vision process this spring! Visit Southwest Corridor Park Action Plan to learn more.


May 10, 2023

sw corridor

May 9, 2023

sw corridor

Our contractor made good progress yesterday excavating material, compacting the sub-base, and installing new asphalt near Roxbury Crossing. More to come! Bicyclists please continue to exercise caution when passing work crews and when sharing the path with other users.

sw corridor

Scope of Work

  • Improvements to asphalt paths
  • Repairs to concrete path segments
  • Intersection improvements, including removal of cobblestones

Detours and Safety

  • On dual-path segments, one path will remain open
  • On single-path segments, users can walk on adjacent sidewalk; cyclists should dismount and walk bicycles on sidewalk
  • Use caution when passing work crews and crossing intersections

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