Using the EEC Navigator BRC Program Portal

Below are answers to questions related to how to use the EEC's Background Record Check (BRC) Navigator Program Portal.

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I did not get the email to set up a BRC Program Portal account. What do I do?

If you are not listed as a Licensee in LEAD, the listed Licensee in LEAD or another BRC Program Administrator within your program can change your role in the BRC Program Portal from employee to a BRC Program Administrator. You will then receive an email (using the unique email address associated with you) from the BRC Program Portal with an invitation and instructions on how to access the system.

If you are a Licensee, and have access to LEAD, then you can open a ticket within LEAD to change the Licensee information and contact information.

If you are a Licensee and do not have access to LEAD, then please request that your organization submit a ticket on your behalf in LEAD to update the Licensee contact information.

Where is the link on EEC’s website to the new BRC Program Portal to login?

The only way to log into the BRC Program Portal is using the link in the BRC Program Portal invitation that you received via email. We suggest you save the URL as a favorite in your browser.

If you have deleted your email invitation and no longer have access to the URL to the BRC Program Portal, then you may open a ticket using the BRC Support Tool by clicking the following link: or by calling 617-988-7841.

When and how will BRC Program Admins get login info. for the BRC Program Portal?

When an individual’s role is changed to BRC Program Administrator in the BRC Program Portal and a unique email address is entered for that individual, that person will receive an invitation by e-mail to access the BRC Program Portal. 

A BRC Program Administrator should complete a Non-Disclosure Form and keep on file at their program to ensure that they maintain the confidentiality of the records. 

Is the authentication code required when logging into the BRC Program Portal?

Every time you log into the BRC Program Portal it requires dual authentication, which means you must put in your password as well as an authentication code.

The authentication code is provided to you via email to your unique email address. You can complete the authentication process by either:

  • Clicking on the link provided in the Authentication E-mail (note: please check/wait several seconds for the original login page to refresh); or
  • You can copy and paste the code from the Authentication e-mail into the BRC Program Portal login page.

Please note, once you have logged into BRC Program Portal, if your login is inactive for 15 minutes, then your session will time out and you must login again using the same dual factor authentication process.

For security purposes, you will have to use the “authentication” process each time you login. A separate “authentication” e-mail will be sent each time.

Will a user be able to see the BRC's for all program sites together?

If you are in a program with an umbrella that has multiple programs, you can view all suitable employees on the “ALL STAFF” page if those individuals were marked “hired” in BRC Manager.

If you would like to view a single program or programs of your choice, then you can use the filter functionality to choose what program to view.

What is the difference between “inactive” status and “ended employment”?

Presently, inactive status should be used for any employee that has never been hired by your program or is currently on a leave status.

The ended employment status should be used for anyone that worked at your program at one time, but is no longer working at your program.

How do I change a person from “inactive” to “ended employment”?

On the “inactive” page in the BRC Program Portal, you may change someone’s status to “active” in the “actions” column via the dropdown option.  After someone is made “active”, this person will appear on the “All Staff” page. 

After you locate the person on the “All Staff” page, then you may change the person’s hiring status to “End employment” in the Actions column. They will then reappear on the inactive page with an “Ended employment” status. 

FCC programs who have completed the check process and received a suitability letter will automatically be marked as Hired and Active. If a HHM/ROP is no longer part of their program they can be removed by going to LEAD and being marked as inactive in the LEAD system.

When would the status "affiliated" be used?

The term “affiliated” is defined in our BRC regulations as someone with regular association with an EEC licensed, approved or funded program through employment, contract or an informal agreement with the Program or parents for the purpose of providing services on behalf of the Program or a child in attendance.  See 606 CMR 14.04.

I changed my Licensee role to BRC Program Admin. role by mistake. How do I fix this?

There is no option to change someone to a Licensee in the BRC Program Portal, even if they were originally designated as a Licensee. As a result, you will need to open a ticket using the BRC Support Tool by clicking the following link: or by calling 617-988-7841.   

What does the “X” mark and the “!” mean in the fingerprint column on the BRC Portal?

An “X” in the BRC Program Portal indicates the individual has reached or gone past their fingerprint date and they must re-complete a BRC.

“”!” in the BRC Program Portal indicates the individual has 120 days until their Fingerprint date expires.

A new BRC must be submitted for these candidates as soon as possible.

What does the term “annual consent” in the BRC Program Portal mean?

The term “annual consent” is a EEC BRC regulatory requirement. All individuals must sign a consent form that will allow EEC to complete BRC checks on them. The consent form is available on the program portal in the candidate search submission request. Please make sure you use the consent form in program portal which is up to date with any new requirements.  

I see only some of my staff. Where are the rest?

Not all staff can be viewed in BRC Program Portal. Only individuals who were found suitable will be brought into BRC Program Portal. Make sure to check both the “All Staff” and “Inactive” tabs to look for your staff.

If you are still unable to locate the person in either tab in BRC Program Portal, then check in BRC Manager for current suitability. If the person has a “pending” status for any of the four checks, please finish the BRC process.

If the individual has been found suitable by EEC, then you should open a ticket using the BRC Support Tool by clicking the following link: or by calling 617-988-7841.

How do I add staff to my roster in BRC Portal?

You can add staff in the BRC Program Portal, you can upload your roster list directly in Navigator. 

I am a new licensee. Why don’t I see a staff roster in the BRC Program Portal?

If any of your staff have been found suitable, then the candidate should appear on your staff roster. Candidates that were found “not suitable” or are still pending with an incomplete BRC will be brought into the BRC Program Portal when found suitable. Candidates are being brought in on a weekly basis.

Why is someone who was fingerprinted last year showing as “inactive”?

If a candidate’s hiring decision was not updated by the program in BRC Manager, then they will show up as “inactive” regardless of when the fingerprinting date occurred.

If the candidate is currently working for you, then you must change the candidate’s status to “Active” and they will appear on the “All Staff” tab. You can then designate them as either “hired” or “ended employment”. If they never worked for you, then you can keep them as “inactive”.

If I need to change my email address to a unique email, how do I do that?

Submit a ticket in EEC’s LEAD Portal to complete a “licensee contact update”.

If you do not have access to the LEAD Portal, then you can open a ticket to get access before opening a ticket to change your email.

What's needed to be a designated BRC Program Administrator in the BRC Program Portal?

Under EEC regulations, in order to be designated as a BRC Program Administrator, an individual must have submitted a BRC and be at least in “provisional” status; however, such individual will not appear in the BRC Program Portal until they are suitable.

The potential BRC Program Administrator must complete a non-disclosure form and have it on file at the Program.

To be designated a BRC Program Administrator in the BRC Program Portal, the BRC Program Administrator must have been found fully suitable; have a unique email address; and have been assigned the role “BRC Program Administrator” by the Licensee or another BRC Program Administrator in the BRC Program Portal.

What is the non-disclosure form for BRC Administrators?

A non-disclosure form is an agreement that must be completed verifying that an individual will comply with confidentiality requirements, including those required by the Department of Criminal Justice Information Services (DCJIS) and the Department of Children and Families.

As a new director, where do we learn what steps to follow for a new hire?

Programs looking to hire can start by submitting a request through the BRC Navigator Program Portal

If you have specific questions about how to complete a new BRC submission or what must be completed to onboard staff, then please create a new ticket to request assistance from the BRC Unit using the BRC Support Tool.

For more information, please refer to the BRC Policies on EEC’s website.

Would a substitute be considered inactive or employee?

A substitute should be treated as an employee and marked either hired or ended employment.

Where would you find the forms to do someone’s CORI on this system?

The CORI acknowledgment forms are available in the program portal.

Date published: March 27, 2019

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