Vaccine availability and ordering

Overview of state-supplied vaccines that are available to order for pediatric and adult patients

Table of Contents

Childhood Vaccine Availability

MDPH universally provides routinely recommended pediatric vaccines to all children through 18 years of age as outlined in the Availability Table - Childhood (PDF) l (DOC).

Adult Vaccine Availability

MDPH only provides certain recommended adult vaccines based on provider type and insurance status as outlined in the Availability Table - Adult (PDF) l (DOC).


Providers must utilize the Vaccine Management Module in the Massachusetts Immunization Information System (MIIS) to order, return, and track state-supplied vaccines.

Borrowing of state-supplied vaccine

Borrowing of state-supplied vaccine should be extremely rare. Borrowing of state-supplied vaccine for adult patients (patients over 19) is not allowed. State-supplied vaccine cannot be used as a replacement system for a provider’s privately purchased vaccine inventory. Providers should use the state-supplied Borrowing Form (DOC) for each occurrence and contact the Vaccine Unit at (617) 983-6828.