VIP EDRS for City and Town Clerks

Information for city and town clerks using the Vitals Information Partnership (VIP) Electronic Death Registration System (EDRS).


The responsibility of the city/town clerk is to examine the death record for any errors or omissions; and upon acceptance, to record the certificate of death in the official records of the community.  In addition, the city/town clerk can complete an amendment to correct an error on the registered death record.

The clerk will enter the death record for those families that will not designate a funeral home. The family will designate another representative, often referred to as a Special Designee to perform the role of the funeral director and to work with the city or town clerk to facilitate the entry of the death record into the EDRS.  More information about the Electronic Death Registration System process for Family Designees (Doc) not working with a Funeral Home can be found in this brief information sheet.

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