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Who can apply for funeral and burial payment assistance?

There are certain eligibility criteria you must meet to get funeral and burial payment assistance from the Department of Transitional Assistance. Learn if you may be eligible.

If a person lived in Massachusetts at the time of their death and there are not enough resources to pay for the funeral and burial costs, you can apply for payment assistance. You might be able to get help paying for up to $1,100 of the cost. There are rules that apply, which you can learn about on this page.

The funeral and burial payment assistance

In the unfortunate event that a person passes away, generally a funeral home will arrange and provide services for the family. The funeral home will determine the cost.

In order to be eligible for funeral and burial payment assistance, the total cost of the funeral, cremation, and burial can't be more than $3,500.

Most funeral homes are familiar with this payment assistance and can help you fill out the application.

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Payment amount

When you apply for this payment assistance, you must owe an outstanding balance.

If you are eligible, up to $1,100 of the outstanding balance may be paid.

Payment is made directly to the funeral home.

If there are no relatives, a funeral director may apply.

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What income or assets are counted?

When you apply for funeral and burial payment assistance, you must give us certain information including

  • a death certificate,
  • funeral and cemetery bills,
  • receipts of any payments made for these costs,
  • life insurance information, and
  • bank accounts for the decedent and next of kin.  

You can learn more about how to apply here.

Your liquid assets and the assets of the deceased are counted to decide if you are eligible. Liquid assets include

  • cash,
  • bank accounts,
  • life insurance policies,
  • other death benefits, and
  • proceeds from fundraisers to help pay for the funeral cost.

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