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Rule 11

In a care and protection case, including a case in which the need for parental consent to adoption is an issue, the report of the court-appointed investigator required by G. L. c. 119, §§ 21A and 24 shall be filed in the Clerk's Office within sixty days after the appointment of the investigator, unless the court otherwise orders. A request for extension of time to file the court investigator's report shall be made by motion on a form approved by the Chief Justice of Juvenile Court, signed by the court investigator and approved by a justice of the Juvenile Court. Any motion for extension of time shall be filed no later than fourteen days prior to the date the report is due, provided however, that the court may permit the filing of a motion for an extension of time at some other time in the interests of justice. If the court approves a motion for extension of time, the court investigator shall provide a copy of the approved motion to all counsel of record and to any party who is not represented by counsel.


Counsel of record may obtain from the Clerk's Office a copy of the court investigator's report without filing a motion to do so. Standing Order 1-84 applies to all court-appointed investigator reports.

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