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Data on Impact of Federal SNAP Emergency Allotments Ending on Massachusetts Households

The federal government (through the Congressional Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2023) ended the extra COVID SNAP benefits, known as SNAP Emergency Allotments, as of February 2023. Households in Massachusetts received their last payment on March 2, 2023.

Below is data on the impact of these temporary extra benefits ending on Massachusetts individuals and families, including by demographic characteristics and cities/towns.

Massachusetts' Fiscal Year 2023 Supplemental Budget included $130 million to create an offramp from the extra COVID SNAP benefits. These state-funded extra SNAP benefits are available April 7, May 2 and June 2, 2023. As directed by the supplemental budget, the payment amount is equal up to 40% of the difference between a household’s maximum benefit amount for their household size and their regular monthly benefit amount, with a minimum amount of $38 a month.

Note: This report will be updated monthly through June 2023.

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