Operational Capacity Reports

Massachusetts General Law
Part 1
Chapter 124 
Section 6A

The department of correction, in collaboration with the Massachusetts Sheriffs Association, Inc., shall report on the use of all facilities of the department and of each sheriff's office... Each report shall include, but not be limited to: (i) an inventory of all buildings that are used or have been used to house inmates since January 1, 2018; (ii) a catalog of changes in use or purpose for all housing units and buildings during the preceding period; (iii) all housing units in each building and the original design capacity of each; (iv) all cells or rooms in each housing unit and the number of beds in each cell or room; (v) a brief description of the housing unit including, but not limited to, the custody level and function of the unit; (vi) the average daily amount of time offered out of cell for recreation, programs, education or employment to inmates in each housing unit during the preceding period; (vii) the average inmate count in each housing unit for the preceding period; (viii) an inventory of all buildings in all correctional facilities, regardless of whether the building has ever been occupied by inmates, with a brief description of each building and a statement as to whether the building is used for housing; provided, however, that if the building is used for housing, the report shall include whether it is occupied, unoccupied but available for future habitation or no longer considered habitable; and (ix) the last date on which an inmate was housed in a housing unit or building that does not currently house inmates; provided, however, that if multiple housing units in the same facility are categorized in the same way as to the features outlined in clauses (v) and (vi), the housing units may be aggregated for the purpose of inmate count reporting under clause (vii) and the number of housing units aggregated shall be reported; and provided further, that for reporting under other clauses above in which buildings or housing units are referred to individually, their official names need not be used.

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Operational Capacity Reports 2023

Operational Capacity Reports 2018-2022

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