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MPTC Acadis Training Portal

MPTC's Acadis Training Portal provides online registrations to scheduled police training, instructor training and certification, printing of certificates and officers' training transcript.

All scheduled training available for registration through the MPTC Acadis Training Portal is advertised on the MPTC's Website.

Search desired training without logging into the MPTC Acadis Training Portal directly from the MPTC landing page or, to search for training from here, scroll down to "Additional Resources" and select the desired training.

Recruit and In-Service training is published by location (Register for In-Service at…). Instructor, specialized and highway safety trainings are published by training topics. Select the topic to find training venues scheduled to offer the topic, contact information, registration instructions and a link to the MPTC Acadis Training Portal to register for the desired training. (Please contact the program coordinator in your area when you do not find the training you seek.)

Go to “What you need to know” (below) to learn “How to navigate the MPTC Acadis Training Portal”. Here you will find user account information and user guides to navigating the MPTC Acadis Training Portal.

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