Court Service Centers

Free. Online. By Phone. In Person.

Court Service Centers are committed to providing court users equal access to the Courts by helping navigate the Court System. Court Service Centers can answer basic questions, help with court forms, give information about court rules, procedures, and practices, and connect you with community resources. All Court Service Centers are free to court users, but there may be other fees associated with your case, such as filing fees.

* Please note that we assist with limited types of cases.

Getting Started

Court Service Centers provide legal information on limited types of cases. By requesting our services, you understand that:

  • The Court Service Centers will give you legal information, not legal advice.
  • Court Service Center team members are not your lawyers, and what you tell them is not confidential.
  • The Court Service Centers are available to help unrepresented parties.
  • Whoever is seeking assistance must be present. 
  • The Court Service Centers cannot assist you if you have a lawyer.


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