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The Office of Public Safety & Inspections (OPSI) Engineering Division is responsible for the inspection and safe operation of amusement rides, including challenge courses, climbing walls, bungee jumping equipment, large and small inflatables and other amusement devices, horse and carriage vehicles, and recreational tramways. In addition to ensuring compliance with safety laws, rules and regulations, it is the responsibility of OPSI Engineering Division inspectors to examine qualified candidates for licensure as refrigeration technicians, heavy equipment and hoisting operators, sprinkler fitters, and pipefitters. In the event of an incident or accident relating to such devices, equipment or practices, OPSI inspectors may establish an investigation to determine cause and to prosecute violators of relevant laws and/or regulations.

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If looking for a status update on a license renewal, please put your full OPSI license number, including prefix, in the subject line.

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