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Press Release

2024 Edition of the Massachusetts Guide to Evidence Now Available 

4/26/2024 Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court

Press Release

Trial Court Awarded Federal Grant For Substance Use Disorder Treatment 

1/23/2024 Massachusetts Court System

Three-year federal grant totals $1 million


March 2024 is Massachusetts Judicial Outreach Month 

1/12/2024 Massachusetts Court System

Request an In-person or Virtual Judicial Visit Today!

Press Release

Honorable Michael D. Ricciuti Appointed Chief Justice of the Superior Court  

12/13/2023 Massachusetts Court System

Press Release

Trial Court Opens Family Treatment Court in Springfield 

12/08/2023 Massachusetts Court System

Press Release

Supreme Judicial Court Appoints New Reporter of Decisions  

11/08/2023 Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court


Notice of Available Positions on the Clients' Security Board 

10/23/2023 Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court