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Press Release

Supreme Judicial Court Issues New Order on Public Access to Courthouses and Facilities 

7/29/2020 Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court


Probation Officer Rhonda Greene is recognized as first responder by international organization  

7/10/2020 Massachusetts Probation Service

Boston Municipal Court- Central Probation Officer Rhonda Greene was recognized as an "Essential/Frontline" employee by a local chapter of the international organization Delta Sigma Theta, Inc.

Press Release

Supreme Judicial Court Issues New Order On Public Access to Courthouses and Facilities 

7/07/2020 Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court


Fitchburg Community Corrections Center hosts Transition Ceremony 

6/30/2020 Massachusetts Probation Service

The Fitchburg Community Corrections Center recently hosted a virtual Transition Ceremony via GoMeeting video conferencing for the 16 clients—two women and 14 men— completed their sentence at the center.


The Massachusetts Probation Service is providing transitional housing and supports for those with addiction and for individuals leaving prison  

6/26/2020 Massachusetts Probation Service

The Massachusetts Probation Service (MPS) is providing two types of much needed housing: sober beds for individuals suffering with addiction and re-entry housing for those leaving prison and other facilities.


Lawrence Probation Officer uses new cell phone as “lifeline”  

6/17/2020 Massachusetts Probation Service

A new supply of cell phones distributed to Probation Officers across the state, which allows them to stay in contact with probationers during the COVID-19 pandemic, served as a lifeline for a Lawrence probationer in distress recently.


Probation Informational Hotline responds to 235 calls 

6/15/2020 Massachusetts Probation Service

A team of volunteers for the MPS Emergency Informational Hotline, a phone line set up to answer Probation questions during COVID-19, has responded to 235 inquiries pertaining to a wide variety of probation and court-related matters. 


Probation Chief serves as panelist at Chelsea virtual town hall on COVID-19 

6/09/2020 Massachusetts Probation Service

Judiciary staff serve as panelists in a Virtual Town Hall Meeting to address concerns the Chelsea community has during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Community Corrections Centers: A Snapshot 

6/09/2020 Massachusetts Probation Service

Mass. Probation Service Community Corrections Centers are serving the needs of clients during COVID-19 through virtual programming, drug testing, and job placements.


Community Service plays important role in courts during COVID-19 

6/08/2020 Massachusetts Probation Service


MPS secures sober beds for individuals re-entering the community 

5/27/2020 Massachusetts Probation Service


Leominster Probation Officer II finds helpful ways to keep probationers on track during the pandemic 

5/26/2020 Massachusetts Probation Service

Probation Officers across the state are meeting the challenges of COVID-19 by developing new ways to supervise probationers in the community.