Parole Supervision

The Field Services Division (FSD) is responsible for supervising and monitoring all inmates who have been released on parole by the Parole Board and/or via the Interstate Compact Office.

The FSD ensures that parolees remain in compliance with the conditions of parole and with any special conditions imposed by the Parole Board. It is responsible for case management, which involves building partnerships with community providers to refer parolees to treatment and programming, and assisting with reintegration of parolees into the community. As part of supervision, FSD conducts home and work investigations, home and community visits of parolees, and verification of parolee employment or programming. It further ensures parolees’ consistent compliance with general and special parole conditions of parole, responds to GPS or electronic monitoring violations, administers substance abuse testing, conducts investigations, completes parolee risk/need assessments, reports on parole violations, and documents parolee information in agency databases and tracking systems.

There are nine regional field offices across the Commonwealth and each of the offices is led by a Parole Supervisor and/or an Assistant Parole Supervisor. The FSD also includes specialized units, including a Warrant Apprehension Unit (WAU), Interstate Compact Office, and Training Unit.

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