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Report 2021-2022 Season Weekly Flu Reports

Rates of flu and flu-like illness in Massachusetts.

Organization: Bureau of Infectious Disease and Laboratory Sciences Department of Public Health
Date published: October 29, 2021
Last updated: November 26, 2021


Each week throughout flu season (October-May) the Department publishes a Weekly Flu Report which indicates the impact of flu-like illness in Massachusetts. If you have additional questions about influenza activity or trends, please call (617) 983-6800 to speak with an epidemiologist.

View previous reports on the Archive of Seasonal Weekly Flu Reports.



Infectious Disease Division (617) 983-6550
Urgent calls and infectious disease reporting (617) 983–6800
Laboratory Sciences Division (617) 983–6201


Infectious Disease Division (617) 983–6925
Laboratory Sciences Division (617) 983–6210


State Public Health Laboratory
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