Rules Governing Persons Authorized to Admit to Bail Out of Court

Rules Governing Persons Authorized to Admit to Bail Out of Court  Bail Rule 44

Effective Date: 07/01/2014

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Rule 44

A bail magistrate shall submit a report on forms approved by the Superior Court, to the Office of Bail Administration by the second Monday of the month accounting for the total number of releases, i.e. cash bail releases, releases on personal recognizance, and releases for money owed to a court, that were authorized during the prior calendar month. Such report shall also include the totals of cash bail, bail fees, and other funds collected. The Superior Court may at any time amend such forms to require that additional information be reported.

The forms to be used for this purpose are the Bail Report Cover Sheet and the report page (yellow copy) from the recognizance form approved by the Court pursuant to G.L. c. 276, § 65. They are attached hereto and included by reference as part of these rules.

All bail magistrates on active status shall submit a report each month even if no releases have been authorized during that reporting period.


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