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Rules of Appellate Procedure

Rules of Appellate Procedure Appellate Procedure Rule 12: Proceedings in forma pauperis

Effective Date: 07/01/1974


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(a) Leave to proceed on appeal in forma pauperis from Lower Court to Appellate Court

Either a lower court or a single justice, for cause shown and after reasonable notice, may authorize an appeal to be prosecuted in forma pauperis, upon such reasonable terms as such court or justice may prescribe.

(b) Form of briefs, appendices and other papers

Parties allowed to proceed in forma pauperis may file briefs, appendices and other papers in typewritten form, and may request that the appeal be heard on the original record without the necessity of reproducing parts thereof in any form.

Reporter's notes

Appellate Rule 12 regulates proceedings in forma pauperis, and works no serious change in existing practice. Unlike the cognate F.R.A.P. 24, it allows the justice entertaining the application to proceed in forma pauperis large discretion to tailor the terms of the order to the needs of the case.




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