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Accessing the CANS Application through the Virtual Gateway

Find CANS application resources and learn how to access the Virtual Gateway.

Here you'll find important resources for CANS users, including FAQs (information on requirements, billing, and consent), reference guides and tutorials for using the CANS application, and key information for becoming a Virtual Gateway user.

CANS Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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Getting on to the Virtual Gateway (VG)

To access the CANS Application on the VG:

  • You must have an account with the VG.
  • You must be CANS certified. (You can complete your CANS training and certification online)

Log into the Virtual Gateway here. 

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How to Login and Manage your Virtual Gateway (VG) Account

This guide shows you how to login and manage your Virtual Gateway (VG) account.

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Reference Guides for CANS Users

Go to the CANS Users Reference Guides web page to download the guides

  • CANS 3.0 release
  • CBHI Certified Assessor
  • CBHI Data Entry Operator
  • CBHI Organization
  • CBHI Managed Care Entity
  • CBHI CANS Consent Forms and Information Guide
  • Member Progress Report
  • CANS Activity Report Reference Guide
  • Export/File Import to MS Excel
  • Virtual Gateway Customer Service

Online Tutorials

  • Learn how a CBHI data entry operator adds a SED/CANS Assessment – data-entry operators with an easy, interactive online lesson that walks them through the adding of a CBHI SED/CANS Assessment.
  • Learn how to edit a SED/CANS Assessment – certified assessors with an easy, interactive online lesson that steps them through activating their Certification Key and how to edit a CBHI SED/CANS Assessment.

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