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Adolescent Sexuality Education (ASE) Program

Adolescent Sexuality Education (ASE) Program

Adolescent Sexuality Education (ASE) Program

Adolescent Sexuality Education (ASE) Fact Sheet

About Adolescent Sexuality Education (ASE) Program?

The Massachusetts Adolescent Sexuality Education Program aims to increase life opportunities and decrease health inequities for youth by providing comprehensive sexuality education and positive youth development programming. Community-based agencies in high teen birth rate communities offer evidence-based curricula in schools and community settings. Many programs also include peer leadership and other youth leadership activities.

Goals of Adolescent Sexuality Education (ASE) Program?

  • Decrease the teen birth rate in high teen birth rate communities through increased access to evidence-based education
  • Increase educational attainment through positive youth development and preventing unintended pregnancy
  • Decrease sexually transmitted infection(STI) incidence through increased access to medically accurate, age-appropriate programming

Program Impacts:

  • Evidence-based Education: 95% reported learning about STIs and pregnancy prevention
  • Healthy Relationships: 90% reported learning how to talk to partners about contraception
  • Building Trust: 5% increase in the percentage of youth reporting they had an adult to talk to about a problem
  • Resource Knowledge: 82% learned where to go for sexual & reproductive health services
  • Increased Screening: 18% increase in STI testing

Program Information:

  • Action for Boston Community Development
  • Cambridge Health Alliance
  • Care Center
  • Citizens for Citizens
  • Family Services of Merrimack Valley
  • Girls Inc. of Holyoke
  • Girls Inc. of Lynn
  • Gladys Allen Brigham Community Center Inc.
  • Lowell Community Health Center
  • Montachusett Opportunity Council
  • Planned Parenthood League of Massachusetts
  • Responsible Attitudes Preventing Pregnancy and Parenting
  • Rivervalley
  • Roca Inc. Chelsea
  • Sociedad Latina
  • You Inc.
  • Worcester Youth Center

Youth Internship and Leadership Activities:

The youth internship program offers young people the opportunity to build their skills and resume while supporting public health and community enrichment at local organizations.

Office of Sexual Health and Youth Development Values:

  • Data Driven
  • Positive Youth Development
  • Racial Justice
  • Trauma Informed Care
  • Health Equity
  • Reproductive Justice
  • Sustainability

How can you learn more?

For more information about ASE Connections to Programs listed above, visit our website at:





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