Ask for a Massachusetts State Supplement Program benefit verification letter

State Supplement Program (SSP) clients, payees, and authorized entities and individuals may request a written statement of the client’s SSP benefit amount.

If you are a client

Department of Transitional Assistance clients requesting verification of State Supplement Program benefits should:

  • If you receive SSP benefits and other benefits (SNAP, TAFDC or EAEDC), you can contact the Department of Transitional Assistance line (the DTA Assistance Line) at 1-877-382-2363
  • If you receive only State Supplement Program (SSP) benefits from the Department of Transitional Assistance, you should call the State Supplement Program client assistance line at 1-877-863-1128.

If you are an Authorized Vendor or Individual

The State Supplement Program can also provide client benefit amounts to authorized vendors and individuals. Agencies and authorities on the Commonwealth’s approved list are automatically authorized. All other housing authorities and third party vendors must first be authorized by the State Supplement Program client directly to ask for any information about the client’s State Supplement Program case.

A Request for Access to State Supplement Program client record and information form, signed by the client, must be on file in the client’s case. A vendor may then call the State Supplement Program assistance line (
1-877-863-1128) to ask for a benefit verification letter. The benefit verification letter request must be made by phone.