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Dig Safe Statistics

See how the Pipeline Safety Division is keeping you safe by enforcing the Dig Safe law through investigations and education

2016 Damage Prevention Statistics

The Division received 1049 Dig Safe Violation Reports; 92 percent of those related to damaged underground natural gas facilities.  The Division investigated 511 alleged violations of the Dig Safe Law, by both excavators and utility companies; 87 percent of those related to damaged underground natural gas facilities.  In terms of types of violations:

  • Approximately 39 percent of the 511 alleged violations concerned a failure to use reasonable precaution during digging;
  • 21 percent concerned an invalid Dig Safe ticket or a failure to call Dig Safe Inc. before digging; and
  • 31 percent concerned a utility company’s mismark or failure to mark an excavation site in response to a Dig Safe ticket.

Finally, the Division collected $913,000 in civil penalties, and conducted two training sessions for approximately 66 first‑time offenders.


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