Pipeline Safety Division

Pipeline Safety Division

The Pipeline Safety Division acts as the enforcement arm of the Department of Public Utilities, ensuring that operators of natural gas distribution companies, municipal gas departments, steam distribution companies, and other intrastate operators are in compliance with state and federal regulations governing safety. The Division also oversees utility operators and excavators to preserve public utility service through enforcement of the Dig Safe Law.


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Who we serve

The Pipeline Division serves the public by investigating gas incidents and determining their cause.  This helps improve safety and prevent similar incidents in the future. Incident investigations have resulted in new safety regulations for abandoned service lines, cast iron pipe, and liquefied natural gas plants.

The Division also tests all gas meters in the state for accuracy and leaks. After passing the test, each meter is marked with a stamp, showing that it is approved for use.

In addition, the Division answers consumer questions and helps to resolve customer complaints. If you have a question or a complaint (except for billing problems), you can call the Division at (617) 305-3537.


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