DMH Child, Youth, and Family Services Overview

A brief overview of services offered by the Department of Mental Health

The Department of Mental Health Provides Child, Youth, and Family Services to eligible individuals and families who meet the clinical criteria for service authorization. Generally speaking, DMH provides services for the most severe and persistent cases of mental illness. If you are privately insured and seeking outpatient therapy and services, contact your insurer for information on mental health services. If you are insured by MassHealth, or uninsured, contact MassHealth for information on outpatient mental health services.

Child, Youth, and Family Services Offered

Child/Adolescent Case Management

At any point in time, approximately 600 youth receive this service which includes assessment of needs, service planning development and monitoring, service referral and care coordination, and family/caregiver support.

Individual and Family Support Services

These services provide interventions based on child and family needs.


Day Services

Highly structured therapeutic milieus in which children and youth participate after school, on weekends and during vacation times that offer treatment, symptom management, behavior management training, social skill development and recreation.


Caring Together Services


Caring Together is a unique collaboration between DMH and the Department of Children and Families which creates seamlessness in services, quality and evaluation for all youth in need of out-of-home services using models such as intensive community-based wrap-around teams and residential school placements among them.

Intensive Statewide Programs


This array of service is the most intensive, 24-hour in locked facilities available in the Commonwealth for youth with serious emotional disturbance. Includes Intensive Residential Treatment Programs (IRTP), Clinically Intensive Residential Treatment (CIRT) and hospital-based Continuing Care Inpatient Services.

Parent and Family Support Services

Provides information and support to families of children with mental health challenges. Includes information and referral; individual community advocacy; parent support groups; targeted supports; and expedited access to services for parents with mental illness.

Transition Age Youth


DMH has prioritized services for this group age 16-24 through service enhancement, coalition building and employing youth peer mentors. Learn More.

School and Community Therapeutic Support


Provides consultation and training to schools and community agencies and organizations relating to child and family mental health, including trauma response and prevention programs for youth.

Information and Referral


Comprehensive network of referral and response  to requests for information and assistance from individuals, organizations and other state agencies seeking resources about child mental health conditions and services.

Consultation and Education


DMH provides expert clinical consultation, education and training to a wide range of individuals, agencies and organizations.

Applications for Child, Youth, and Family Services

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How to Apply for Child, Youth, and Family Services (Instructions on Completing and Submitting the Application)

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