DMH Child, Youth, and Family Services Overview

A brief overview of services offered by the Department of Mental Health

Welcome to the Massachusetts Department of Mental Health (DMH) webpage, this information is here to help you connect with the best services and resources to meet your mental health needs or the needs of someone in your life. DMH is one of the state agencies that work with providers and health plans to help people in Massachusetts with their mental health related needs. 

Most mental health services, including medication and therapy are provided through health insurance – MassHealth (Medicaid), the Massachusetts Health Connector (health insurance marketplace) or through private insurance (employer-based).  The Department of Mental Health (DMH) provides additional services for children, youth and adults with the most serious mental health needs. We hope that the information on this website will provide useful information to help you find the right services for you or your loved one.

Our DMH local area offices are available to direct you to resources in your community, or help you apply for DMH services. Please use our city/town directory  to find the area office that serves you

Child, Youth, and Family Services Offered

Child/Adolescent Case Management

Case Management provides comprehensive mental health and family assessment as well as individual service planning, coordination of DMH funded services, and linkage to other community supports.

Individual and Family Support Services

Individual and Family Flexible Supports provide an individualized set of services designed to prevent out-of-home placement, maintain the youth with his/her family, help the youth function successfully in the community, and assist families in supporting the growth and recovery of their child. These include services such as respite, home-based family support, individual youth support, and youth support groups.

Day Services

Therapeutic After School Programs provide youth with recreational and skill building activities and clinical services in a structured environment.

Caring Together Services


Caring Together services include a range of in home and out of the home services for children and families involved with the Department of Mental Health (DMH) and/or the Department of Children and Families (DCF).  Services provide clinically intensive treatment and outreach support to help build, strengthen and maintain connections to family, home and community so that children and families can live together successfully. Families who are working with DCF or DMH may be eligible for Caring Together services. Learn More

Clinically Intensive Residential Treatment (CIRT)


The CIRT provides intensive clinical services for children ages 6-12. It offers an array of specialized and individualized clinical services, transportation, and an on-site school contracted by the Department of Education (DESE) .

Intensive Residential Treatment Programs (IRTP)

The IRTPs are locked, clinically intensive treatment programs for youth ages 13-18. They offer an array of specialized and individualized clinical  services, transportation, and an on-site DESE-contracted school.

Parent and Family Support Services

Provides information and support to families of children with mental health challenges. Includes information and referral; individual community advocacy; parent support groups; targeted supports; and expedited access to services for parents with mental illness.

Transition Age Youth


DMH has prioritized services for this group age 16-24 through service enhancement, coalition building and employing youth peer mentors. Learn More.

School and Community Therapeutic Support


Community and School Therapeutic  Supports provide consultation and assistance to schools and the community  that support youth with significant mental health needs and their families. They also include local family support specialists who facilitate parent support groups and provide advocacy and consultation to community partners. DMH  supports the Parent/Professional Advocacy League (PPAL)a statewide family organization dedicated to improving the mental health and well being of youth and families through education, advocacy, and partnership.

Information and Referral


Comprehensive network of referral and response  to requests for information and assistance from individuals, organizations and other state agencies seeking resources about child mental health conditions and services.

Consultation and Education


DMH provides expert clinical consultation, education and training to a wide range of individuals, agencies and organizations.

Juvenile Forensic Court Services

Juvenile Court Clinic Forensic Services provide clinical and forensic mental health evaluations and consultation to the Trial Court and Probation Department as well as help to families in accessing community services.

Continuing Care Inpatient Services

These services are locked psychiatric hospital units for youth who need the most intensive level of clinical treatment available, as well as an on-site DESE-contracted school. Youth are referred by acute inpatient units when they require extended, specialized hospital care or when the Court orders a short-term forensic evaluation.

Massachusetts Child Psychiatry Access Program (MCPAP) MCPAP provides quick access to psychiatric consultation and facilitates referrals for accessing ongoing behavioral health care. We encourage and supports PCPs integrating behavioral health resources into their practices and work with behavioral health providers as well as primary care providers. MCPAP is available for all children and families, through their primary care providers, regardless of insurance. Learn More.

Applications for Child, Youth, and Family Services

Applications for Child, Youth, and Family Services (Multiple Languages Available)

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