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Energy, Utilities and Fuel

Contract User Guides for Energy, Utilities and Fuel Contracts

ENEFY23 - Daily Price Index for Fuels Record (Updated: 07/01/2022)

ENE46 - Propane Statewide Contract (Updated: 02/22/2023, replaced ENE35)

ENE47 - Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel & Biodiesel Statewide Contract (Updated: 12/09/2022, replaced ENE40)

ENE48 - Gasoline Statewide Contract (Updated: 12/09/2022, replaced ENE41)

ENE49 - Electricity Statewide Contract (Updated: 03/24/2023, replaced ENE43)

ENE50 - Natural Gas Statewide Contract (Updated: 03/24/2023, replaced ENE44)

ENE51DesignatedDCAMM - Demand Response Program Statewide Contract (Updated: 12/14/2021, replaced FAC89)

ENE52 - No.2 Heating Fuel and APS Eligible Liquid Biofuel Statewide Contract (Updated: 02/03/2023, replaced ENE45)

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