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Health care transportation

Transportation services may be available to help you get to local or long-distance medical appointments in Massachusetts.

If you, your family member, or your consumers need to get to local or long distance medical appointments in Massachusetts, some transportation service options may be available.

In light of the COVID-19 outbreak, many health care appointments are being rescheduled or switched to telehealth or telephone. Have you confirmed with your health care provider than an in-person visit is needed? Please consider rescheduling or discussing with your provider whether receiving care via telehealth or over the phone would be appropriate.

General resources

  • MassHealth consumers may be eligible for transportation to their medical appointments.
  • Ride Match is an online, searchable database for finding medical and other rides in Massachusetts.
  • Public transit from your local transit authority: A public bus may go to the hospital or near your doctor’s office. If you are not comfortable in riding the bus, look for a travel instruction program to help you learn to use the public transit system independently and safely.
  • Councils on Aging (COAs) often provide transportation services to seniors and people with disabilities. Contact your local COA to learn what options may be available in your town.
  • Veterans' transportation services can help veterans get to medical appointments in the VA system or other medical networks.
  • Volunteer driver programs may be able to help you find a volunteer in your community who can drive you to some of your appointments.
  • Other transportation services may help you get to your appointments.

Long-distance medical shuttles

Long-distance medical shuttles operated by Regional Transit Authorities are available in some areas for transportation into medical facilities in Boston or other areas. Before you schedule your appointment, check what days and times the shuttle runs. When you call the doctor, request an appointment at a time when the shuttle is operating. Many shuttles require advance registration. Some services are on hold due to the pandemic, so please check with each service for the latest updates.




Boston & Peabody Medi-Ride

service currently suspended

Merrimack Valley

Boston hospitals & Peabody Lahey Clinic

Road Runner

service currently suspended

Greater Lowell

Boston hospitals & Bedford VA

Boston Shuttle

Greater Fitchburg

Boston hospitals, Bedford VA, Emerson Hospital

Worcester Shuttle

Greater Fitchburg

Worcester hospitals

Boston Hospital Shuttle

Greater Framingham

Boston hospitals

Dial-a-Bat Boston service


Boston hospitals

Boston Hospital Bus

service currently suspended

Duxbury, Hanover, Marshfield, Kingston, Pembroke, North Plymouth, and Scituate

Boston hospitals & South Shore hospitals

Miles for Health

Franklin, Foxboro, Norfolk, and Wrentham

Boston hospitals

Med Wheels

Greater Attleboro & Taunton area

Massachusetts & Rhode Island

Boston Hospital Shuttle

service currently suspended

New Bedford & Fall River

Boston hospitals

Boston Hospital Transportation

Cape Cod

Boston hospitals


Martha’s Vineyard

Boston hospitals

Shuttle to Mass General (note: operated by a health care organization, not a transit authority)

service currently suspended

Pioneer Valley Mass General Hospital in Boston