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Information Technology - Hardware

Contract User Guides for Information Technology - Hardware Contracts

ITC47 - IT Hardware and Services Statewide Contract (Updated:01/12/2021)

ITC56 - Oracle Equipment and Related Services Statewide Contract (Updated:03/02/2021)

ITC66 - Copiers, Printers, Scanners and Related Devices and Services Statewide Contract (Updated: 11/30/2020)

ITC68 - Data Cable Products and Services Statewide Contract (Updated: 04/16/2021)

ITC70 - IT Asset Lease Services Statewide Contract (Updated: 03/30/2021)

ITC71 - Security, Surveillance, Monitoring, and Access Control Systems Statewide Contract (Updated: 04/16/2021)

ITC73 - IT Hardware and Services Statewide Contract (Issued:04/23/2021)