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Information Technology - Software & Services

Contract User Guides for Information Technology - Software & Services Contracts

ITS55DesignatedITD - IBM Software, Appliances, Maintenance, and Technical Support Statewide Contract (Updated: 07/16/2022)

ITS60 - Cloud Solutions Statewide Contract (Updated: 10/06/2022)

ITS61DesignatedITD - IT Accessibility Services Statewide Contract (Updated: 10/30/2022)

ITS64 - Oracle Software and Services Statewide Contract (Updated: 10/31/2021)

ITS69 - Managed Print Services Statewide Contract (Updated: 09/27/2022)

ITS74GIS - How to Use the IT Project Services Statewide Contract for Geographic Information Systems (GIS) (Updated: 01/14/2022)

ITS74ProjServ - How to Use the IT Project Services Statewide Contract (Updated: 05/03/2022)

ITS75 - Software and Services Statewide Contract (Updated: 01/31/2023)

ITS77 - IT Staff Augmentation Statewide Contract (Updated: 05/11/2022)

ITS78Data and Cybersecurity Statewide Contract (Updated: 04/05/2022)

ITS80How to Use Information Technology Independent Research Services Statewide Contract (Updated: 01/09/2023, Replaced ITS59)

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