Learn about the Attorney General’s Energy and Environment Bureau

The Energy and Environment Bureau works to protect utility ratepayers and our environment, and to reduce the threat of climate change for the people of Massachusetts.

Divisions within the Energy and Environment Bureau include:

The Energy and Telecommunications Division

The Energy and Telecommunications Division represents consumers in matters involving the price and delivery of natural gas, electricity, and telecommunications services before federal and state government regulators.The division works to ensure that Massachusetts businesses and residents have access to reliable, safe, and affordable energy.

If you are having an issue with a utility or other business, call (617) 727-8400 or file a consumer complaint online.

The Environmental Protection Division

The Environmental Protection Division enforces environmental laws that protect our air and water, preserve our wetlands, tidelands, and public open space, require the clean-up of contaminated sites, and govern the use of pesticides and the handling and disposal of solid and hazardous waste.

The division is part of the Environmental Strike Force and works closely with the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection, and the Massachusetts Environmental Police to investigate and prosecute environmental crimes.

The Environmental Crimes Strike Force

The Environmental Crimes Strike Force investigates and prosecutes crimes that harm the state’s air, land or water, or that pose a significant threat to human health. The strike force is comprised of prosecutors from the Attorney General’s Office, officers from the Massachusetts Environmental Police, and investigators, engineers, and attorneys from the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection).

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