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Marine Invader Monitoring and Information Collaborative (MIMIC)

Find information on this volunteer monitoring effort organized by the Massachusetts Office of Coastal Zone Management (CZM).
Photo of MIMIC members
MIMIC volunteers learn how to identify marine invasive species.

The Marine Invader Monitoring and Information Collaborative (MIMIC) brings together volunteers and scientific experts from state, federal, and nonprofit organizations to monitor for marine invasive species along the New England coast. Since MIMIC began in 2006, hundreds of trained volunteers have searched for marine invasive species at more than 130 sites from Rhode Island to Maine.

Monitoring Guidance Document

The primary guidance document for MIMIC is Monitoring for Marine Invasive Species: Guidance and Protocols for Volunteer Monitoring Groups, which was published by CZM in 2011 and includes information on site selection, monitoring protocols, safety, and identification resources.

Contact Information

Please contact us to learn more about the MIMIC Program:

MIMIC’s iNaturalist Project Page

The MIMIC project page on iNaturalist records observations of native and invasive marine species found in coastal habitats including marinas and rocky intertidal areas. This page can be used by both MIMIC volunteers and the general public to view species that have been recorded and add their own observations.

MIMIC Partners

Additional Information

CZM has generated a variety of resources on marine invasive species in New England, including:

  • Identification Cards - To help detect and monitor marine invasive species, CZM developed species identification cards for 18 common marine invaders in New England.
  • MIMIC Story Map of Marine Invasive Monitoring Data - This story map provides photos and descriptions of species monitored by MIMIC, maps of where each species has been observed, and additional information.
  • Flickr Photo Album - CZM’s collection of marine invasive species photos is available on Flickr.
  • MIMIC Data on MORIS - View and download MIMIC data by year and species on CZM’s online mapping tool. MIMIC data layers are found in the Marine Invasive Species folder within the Biology folder.