Massachusetts Information Technology Center - Fire and Emergency Response Plans

Learn about fire and emergency response plans and systems, including evacuation procedures, for the building.

About occupant emergency plans

It is the policy of the Division of Capital Asset Management and Maintenance (DCAMM) to have a detailed Occupant Emergency Procedures Plan, which shall include the maintenance of a network of Emergency Team Leaders from every agency and work area. These Emergency Team Leaders are trained tenant agency personnel familiar with the Occupant Emergency Plan. In addition, they appoint agency personnel to various Evacuation Team positions, assist DCAMM with fire safety issues on their floors, advise and direct tenants during fire drills and actual emergencies. DCAMM staff shall meet routinely with Emergency Team Leaders.

It shall be the responsibility of all Emergency Team Leaders to be familiar with the Occupant Emergency Plan and keep current records of all personnel with disabilities. All tenants of a work area are required to obey the direction of their Emergency Team Leaders during an emergency situation and adhere to the Occupant Emergency Plan. Emergency Team Leaders are responsible for the entire floor, not just the agency/area in which they work. If for any reason an Emergency Team Leader leaves his or her position in State government or transfers to another location, it is the agency’s responsibility to inform DCAMM of his or her departure.

Fire system information

The MITC Fire System Response is used for planning and evacuation purposes. The evacuation response for this building is to evacuate all floors in the event of any alarm activation. Occupants of each affected floor should evacuate to their designated muster station when they get the alarm notification on their floor.

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