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Massachusetts Lakes & Ponds Guide

Learn about the Commonwealth's lakes and ponds and how you can protect our water resources.


Massachusetts has over 3000 lakes and ponds that provide opportunities for recreation and valuable habitat for a wide diversity of plants and animals. However, over the years, many citizens of Massachusetts have observed a decline in the health of their lakes and ponds.

This is a starting point for concerned citizens who wish to learn about lake ecology and ways they can protect the future of their lake or pond. The first section will help you understand the basic concepts of watersheds and the ecology of lakes and ponds. It covers the importance of a watershed approach to lake and pond protection and the ecology and cycles within a lake system.

The next two sections address the main causes of reduced water quality and outline ways that you, as a concerned citizen, can adopt a proactive role in preventing further degradation to our water bodies. There is also information for people who wish to go one step further and begin or join a lake association, apply for grants or obtain additional education publications. Act now and protect your lake’s future!

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