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M.G.L. Chapter 40 T - Guidance



As of September 10, 2021, due to ongoing health and safety restrictions and limited in-person availability at 100 Cambridge Street, DHCD will require an electronic copy of any notice required under G.L. c. 40T to be emailed to Attorney Caitlin Loftus at, in addition to the service method and procedure required by statute or regulation, until further notice.

What you need to know


40T Exemption Request Instructions and Form

Prequalification of Designees

DHCD has issued a request for responses for parties interested in being considered a "Designee" to assume the agency's rights and responsibilities in undertaking the purchase and ownership of properties pursuant to MGL c.40T. Please be advised that due to the state of emergency relating to COVID-19, the deadline for prequalified designees to submit supplemental amended RFR responses has been extended to June 19, 2020.

DHCD is accepting responses to the RFR on a rolling basis; there is no deadline for submission.

Revised Guidelines for Selection of Designees, effective February 28, 2017

Legal Services Contacts

Legal Services Contacts for Notices

MBE/WBE Participation

MBE/WBE Training Session

Access and Opportunity Network 40T Toolbox

General Laws Chapter 40T

GL c 40T

Final Regulation, effective August 26, 2016

Publicly-Assisted Affordable Housing Preservation Program, Final Regulation effective August 26, 2016, Final Regulation, effective 08-26-16

Guidance for 760 CRM 64.00. Effective June 3, 2016

Guidance on Advisory Opinions

Guidance on Certificates of Compliance

Guidance on Certificates of Exemption

Guidance on Definitions

Guidance on Notices

Guidance on Sale by Owner

Model Curative Equivalent Affordability Agreement