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Notification of Acceptance of Local Option Statutes

Municipalities that have voted to accept certain local option statutes must notify DLS using the forms below.

Municipalities may adopt certain local option statutes that will impact the assessment of local property taxes or account differently for certain funds.  It is important that these notifications be submitted to the Municipal Databank, because they may have an impact on other forms or processes in the DLS Gateway Application.

Notification of Acceptance of Local Options Relating to Property Taxation

These forms must be emailed or faxed to the Municipal Databank so they may be added to the DLS Gateway Application.  This is important since certain forms may impact the completion of other forms on Gateway.

Municipalities that have voted to grant a residential exemption or a small commercial exemption must send an email to the Municipal Databank at to ensure the proper percentage has been entered into the DLS Gateway application.  Failure to do so may delay the submission of the LA5 Options form and delay the certification of the annual tax rate.

Notification of Acceptance Relating to Local Accounting Practices


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