Pittsfield Complex RMP

Resource Management Plan Project Underway
pittsfield complex

Pittsfield State Forest is located in the Berkshires along the New York state boundary in the Towns of Hancock and Lanesborough and the City of Pittsfield. Parks managed in the Pittsfield Complex include Balance Rock State Park, located at the northern end of Pittsfield State Forest, and Bates Memorial State Park, at the southern end of the Forest. The complex also includes October Mountain State Forest, Wahconah Falls State Park, Ashmere Lake State Park, Middlefield State Forest, Peru State Forest, Richmond State Forest, and South Mountain, where DCR’s West Region headquarters is located.

Pittsfield State Forest provides a variety of recreation opportunities including camping, picnicking, non-motorized boating and fishing, hunting, and a variety of non-motorized and motorized trail uses. Bates Memorial State Park was donated to the Commonwealth with the stipulation that it be managed as a wildlife sanctuary.
October Mountain State Forest is the largest state forest in the DCR system, covering more than 16,000 acres. Visitors enjoy camping, boating, hunting, and a variety of trail activities.

Public input is an important component of the process. It enhances communication and cooperation among the DCR, park visitors, stakeholders, partners, and the surrounding communities.

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