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Professional Services

Contract User Guides for Professional Services Contracts

PRF56DesignatedOSC01 - Information Management, Data Security, and Payment Card Industry Compliance - Please contact for information

PRF56DesignatedOSC02 - Audit, Accounting, Compliance, Security, and Revenue Recovery - Please contact for information

PRF58DesignatedOSC - A/R Recovery - Please contact (Office of the Comptroller) for information

PRF59 - Card Processing Services Statewide Contract (Issued: 09/21/15)

PRF59ADesignatedOSC - Electronic Payment Solutions Statewide Contract (Issued: 11/17/15)

PRF60 - Advertising, Marketing and Event Planning Services Statewide Contract (Updated: 07/15/2020)

PRF61 - Management Consultants, Program Coordinators and Planners Services Statewide Contract (Updated: 07/22/2020)

PRF62Designated DOER - Energy Consulting Services (Updated: 07/15/2020)

PRF63 - Foreign Language Interpretation and Translation Services Statewide Contract (Updated: 06/10/2020)

PRF67DesignatedDCAMM - Environmental Engineering, Diagnostics, and Testing Statewide Contract (Updated: 07/08/2020)

PRF69 - Facilities Engineering Services Statewide Contract (Updated: 10/29/19)

PRF72 - Debt Collection Services Statewide Contract (Issued: 02/25/2020)

PRF71 - Enterprise Temporary Help Services (Issued:08/05/2020)

PRF73 - Payment Data & Payment Card Industry (PCI) Compliance Services Statewide Contract (Issued: 03/16/2020)